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Automate answers

Create templates to answer posts in one click on posts

Your sales assistant 24h

Create automatic campaings

Searching by keywords will automatically scrap all data, and later you can send automatic messages with different messages so each answer looks natural

More leads and more conversion

Automate sales

Push sales to a new level, adding friends by keywords, answering messages and creating templates for manual or automatic answers, all in one place

Multiple success

Add multiple accounts

Whether you have different business or you want to push sales into the next level, you can add as many fb accounts as needed, creating independent sales methodologies.

Send automatic friend requests

Your friends have keywords as job, position, university. With that information you can focus your sales.

Messages templates

You can create automatic messages for your leads, or manual so you can follow the flow and get the money machine to work

Extra Sales

More leads you contact, more your sales will be. Push your conversion making them from cold to hot




Leads scrapped


Messages sent



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